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Because every word matters

It doesn't matter what discipline you're in. Business, science, medicine, academia, these are all areas where communication is key.  Even the most brilliant ideas will go unnoticed if they aren't presented in a way that is concise, engaging, and error free.

That's where I come in. With experience in highly technical situations and a wealth of university training, I know what it takes to make sure that your ideas and beliefs get the recognition they deserve. 

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Areas of Expertise

Copy Editing

This covers grammar, spelling, fact-checking, and more. Perhaps the most important aspect of editing, copy editing is a must for anyone who wants their work to be as professional as possible. Without clean copy, a project just isn't finished.

Structural Editing

Structural editing involves organizing your ideas to ensure that your reader can see the bigger picture. Whether it's the plot of your novel or the chronology of your biography, structural editing will help make your story flow smoothly.

Copy Writing

Sometimes a project just needs a little extra "something" to make it stand out. I have studied writing extensively and am able to provide copy that catches the eye and effectively informs.


This involves checking headers, footers, front matter, and formatting errors. Proofreading covers a broad range of services that may seem small individually, but add up to a professional, easy to read document.

Stylistic Editing

The key to communication is knowing your audience. Need to explain technical financial terms to a client with no experience in finance? Stylistic editing makes sure your reader has a clear grasp of your message.             


Indexing is an entirely separate skill set from the rest of publishing. This involves building your index to make sure everything in your manuscript is as easy to find as possible.



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